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Ascent Solar's WaveSol™ flexible and lightweight thin-film PV technology

Ascent Solar's WaveSol™

Ascent Solar's WaveSol™ flexible and lightweight thin-film PV technology, is an innovative solution for easily integrating solar power into limitless products and applications including building integrated products (BIPV), electronic integrated and electronic portable power products (EIPV), defense, space and more. In addition, the unique flexibility of Ascent Solar's modules enable solar power applications with fabrics and non-flat surfaces. Ascent Solar WaveSol™ solutions provide superior performance benefits by delivering the highest efficiency thin-film on plastic substrates available today. Ascent Solar modules offer excellent power density (power per rate), maximizes overall system performance and reduces overall system costs

Ascent Solar's WaveSol™ Light Modules: At-A-Glance.

  • Available in 5 meters for large, flat surfaces; also available in 2 meters

  • Highest energy density available on thin-film PVs

  • Conforms to curved building structures for aesthetic appeal

  • Loads of less than 1 lb./sq. ft. on low slope roofs

  • A realistic source of clean, renewable energy

  • Lightweight form factor

  • Applications:.

  • Residece and industrial buildings (BIPV)

  • Army industry

  • Outdoor aplications (charge battery, MP3, Ipod, powering notebook etc.)

  • off grid systems

  • Download:

    Data Sheets Ascent Solar WaveSol Mobile (4W, 4.5W, 5W)

    Data Sheets Ascent Solar WaveSol 2m - 24V (42W, 45W)

    Data Sheets Ascent Solar WaveSol 2m - 24V (45W, 50W)

    Data Sheets Ascent Solar WaveSol 2m - 72V (45W, 50W, 55W)

    Data Sheets Ascent Solar WaveSol 5m - 96V (120W, 140W)

    Data Sheets Ascent Solar WaveSol 5m - 190V (280W, 320W)

    XunLight™ - flexible and lightweight solar module

    XunLight™ - flexible and lightweight solar module

    Xunlight’s offers a line of lightweight and mechanically flexible photovoltaic modules. The products are specifically designed for rooftop installations. Xunlight currently offers three sizes of products, the XR12, XR36 and XRS18. All three are certified to the UL 1703, IEC 61646 and IEC 61730 standards. These products all use the same 11”x17” bandgap-tuned triple-junction thin-film silicon solar cell, manufactured by Xunlight at its Toledo, Ohio, USA factory. Xunlight also welcomes enquiries for custom sized product. Our flexible manufacturing process can allow us to offer custom product at relative low minimum volumes. Xunlight’s UL/IEC certified modules can be utilized for either on-grid or off-grid applications and they come backed by our 25 year power-output warranty. Our solar modules are produced using the company’s innovative and patented manufacturing process and are designed to deliver high energy efficiency at a low cost for years to come.


  • Lightweight - Only 0.5 lbs per square foot (2.5kg/m2), six times lighter than traditional rigid glass and framed modules.

  • Flexible - Ability to conform to curved surfaces and offer solutions in a wide variety of applications. Ideally suited for architecturally demanding new-builds or retrofits requiring a solar solution from the host user.

  • Easy to Install - Can be integrated with a building’s roofing membrane or directly adhered to the membrane without roof penetrations or expensive mounting structures.

  • Powerful - Complete portfolio of high power performance offerings: 97, 146, and 291 watt flexible laminates.

  • Durable - Encapsulated in damage- and weather-resistant, UV stabilized polymers. Resistant to hail, corrosion, and staining.

  • Download:

    XR Series Product Data Sheet

    XRS Series Product Data Sheet

    25 Year Warranty